Why Learn Chinese?

It’s Simple…Jobs and Culture. The World is Changing Fast. 1.5 Billion Chinese Can’t Be Ignored. Gain an Edge. Stand Out. Be Different.


"I saw their sign on the way to South Station, and thought I'd give it a try...  Now I can read and write basic Chinese.  I feel confident that I am more valuable to potential employers"–Roger S.


"BCI is based in Chinatown so it felt more authentic.  Besides it was inexpensive and only concentrated in Chinese - so I knew the teachers were experts.  I was right.  I am looking forward to Level II Chinese now."–Kelly H.

"From the minute I walked into BCI I knew they were there to help me succeed at this. Now I do speak Chinese and learning how to write better.  On top of it all, I've made so many friends in my class.  This place is a well kept secret."–Adam T.

"I collect languages, so I liked the idea of being able to speak Chinese, but I didn't want to sit down and learn it.  I decided to try a 10-week session... Fast forward 8+ months and I love it!!
–Charlie C.

"In short, I love BCI... If you want to learn Mandarin or Cantonese in a supportive, engaging environment, then BCI is your best bet. Cheap classes, fantastic instruction-- one of the best things I've found in Boston. Wo hen mang. Zaijian!"
–Lauren S.

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